September 8, 2014


Summit Call Recap – September 4, 2014
Information from CDC


Influenza Surveillance Update – Sophie Smith (CDC)

Sophie reported that we remain below baseline on all seasonal influenza surveillance values. For the most recent week (week 34), only 2.32% of specimens submitted were positive, with a mix of both influenza type A and B. For the week ending August 23, ILI-Net data was at 0.7%, well below the national baseline of 2%.

No new pediatric deaths have been reported since the last Summit call. To date, 107 lab-confirmed pediatric deaths have been reported in the 2013–2014 season. These deaths involved both influenza A and B, but the majority were influenza A.

Recently 2 reports of novel influenza A H3N2 variant were received from Ohio. Both cases reported close contact with swine during the week prior to illness onset. There has been no ongoing human-to-human transmission, and no increases in ILI have been seen in the community.

CDC will continue to publish an abbreviated version of the weekly surveillance report until the new season starts in October.

A call participant noted that a recent story on NBC News in Dallas, Texas included a provider reporting that seasonal influenza disease is occurring in the area, but Sophie said that CDC is unaware of this. L.J stated that the Summit will check on this report and share updates as appropriate.

National Immunization Conference (NIC) – Suzanne Johnson-DeLeon (CDC)

This year’s NIC, U.S. Immunization in a Time of Change, will take place on September 29–30 at the Crown Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta. Registration is capped at 800 attendees, and approximately 700 registrations have been received to date. The registration fee will not increase between now and the start of the conference. Registration information and a draft conference agenda are available. A more detailed agenda should be available within the next few days. The hotel block is now full, but overflow accommodations and a shuttle service are available at a nearby hotel. Continuing education credits will be available for attendees.

ACOG HPV Immunization Toolkit – Sarah Patterson (ACOG)

Sarah reported that ACOG recently published an HPV immunization infographic [at press time, the infographic was temporarily unavailable, but please check back for it] as part of their new HPV immunization toolkit. The toolkit recently was distributed to ACOG members. The infographic is available on ACOG’s Facebook page and its Immunization for Women website. Sarah urged Summit members to share this information with their constituents. ACOG also has just released revised guidelines on influenza immunization during pregnancy, including a press release reinforcing the safety data on the use of influenza vaccine during pregnancy and strongly recommending that ob-gyns offer and recommend this vaccine for use with their patients.

Other Items – L.J Tan (IAC)
  • FDA influenza vaccine website – An FDA website provides up-to-date information about influenza vaccine lots released for use in the U.S. L.J noted that the site indicates a substantial amount of vaccine has already been released, and all manufacturers have reported the release of at least some amount of vaccine.
  • Updated pneumococcal vaccine recommendation signed – CDC Director Tom Frieden has just signed the ACIP’s recent recommendation for the use of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in persons over 65 years of age. This signature makes the recommendation official. An exact publication date is not available, but this is expected relatively soon.
  • Flu Awareness Nights with major league baseball teams – NFID invites interested partners to attend their special Flu Awareness Nights with the Oakland Athletics on September 5 or the Washington Nationals on September 9. Information is available on the NFID website. A portion of the ticket sales from these events will be donated to NFID to support their disease prevention efforts. Influenza vaccine information will be provided to attendees and will be included in messages on the Jumbotron.
  • National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) follow-up – CDC requests that partners share information about activities they conducted during NIAM to promote adult vaccination. An online form is available to facilitate sharing this information. CDC also is interested in determining which CDC resources were helpful in your adult immunization efforts. You can provide feedback on how you have used the resources by filling out a brief online survey.
  • Value of Vaccination website – Trish Parnell announced that the Value of Vaccination website is now live. The website is geared toward sharing stories about the positive aspects of immunizations rather than the frightening stories that are prevalent. Logos of organizations expressing support for this effort are shown on the website. Trish encouraged partners to check out the site and provide feedback to the organizers.
  • Efficacy of high-dose influenza vaccine in the elderly – A recent New England Journal of Medicine article indicated that, among persons age 65 and older, high-dose influenza vaccine induced higher antibody responses and provided better protection against laboratory-confirmed influenza illness than standard dose vaccine.



CDC/Influenza Division Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report and CDC Key Points

The CDC weekly influenza surveillance report for week 35 (ending August 30, 2014) and region specific data are now available. Of of all deaths reported through the 122-Cities Mortality Reporting System, 5.3% were due to P&I, which was below the epidemic threshold of 6.0% for week 35.

No influenza-associated pediatric deaths that occurred during the 2013-14 season were reported to CDC during week 35. A total of 107 influenza-associated pediatric deaths have been reported during the 2013-2014 season. Eleven influenza-associated pediatric deaths occurring in previous influenza seasons were reported to CDC during week 35; 3 deaths occurred in the 2008–09 influenza season, 6 occurred in the 2009–10 season, and 2 occurred during the 2011-12 season, bringing the total number of deaths reported during those seasons to 136, 288, and 37 respectively.

Nationwide during week 35, 0.7% of patient visits reported through the U.S. Outpatient Influenza-like Illness Surveillance Network (ILINet) were due to influenza-like illness (ILI). This percentage is below the national baseline of 2.0%. ILI is defined as fever (temperature of 100°F [37.8°C] or greater, and cough and/or sore throat. An Influenza Summary Update of the influenza activity reported by state and territorial epidemiologists, which indicates geographic spread of influenza viruses but does not measure the intensity of influenza activity, is available. This currently reflects data from the end of May 2014 and will be updated with the official start of the influenza season.

Archives of previous FluViews are available from CDC.

More information from CDC
  • CDC update on Enterorvirus D68

On September 8, CDC held a media availability on Enterorvirus D68, the respiratory illness affecting children in a few states.  The transcript from the media availability is now available online. On the same day, CDC published Severe Respiratory Illness Associated with Enterovirus D68—Missouri and Illinois, 2014 as an Early Release article in the MMWR.

CDC key messages on Enterorvirus D68 are available, and additional information on Enterorvirus D68 can be found on the CDC website. This website will be updated as more is learned.

  • CDC Releases Infographic: 2013 NIS-Children (19–35 months)

While the Summit is about adult immunizations, the following CDC tools on pediatric immunization coverage recently announced may be useful.)

CDC has a new infographic available highlighting key findings from the 2013 National Immunization Survey (NIS) – Children (19-35 months). The infographic uses data from a MMWR article, National, State, and Selected Local Area Vaccination Coverage Among Children Aged 19-35 Months – United States, 2013, published on August 29. You also can access all of the NIS-Children (19-35 months) data tables and figures online.


California Immunization Coalition Announces New Influenza Vaccine Awareness Campaign! (Materials Available for Sharing)

The California Immunization Coalition has launched the Thank You Flu Vaccine campaign, an influenza vaccine awareness campaign conducted in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties during November and December in collaboration with Anthem Blue Cross Foundation. The campaign includes billboards and transit ads in Los Angeles and San Diego, radio spots in LA, and posters that will be distributed to senior centers.

The Thank You Flu Vaccine campaign focuses on adults 65 years and older and reinforces the importance of getting a flu shot and staying flu free. The campaign illustrates how staying healthy and active allows us to spend quality time with the ones we love and encourages a spirit of gratitude for health and advancements (such as vaccines) that make life better.

The timing also coincides nicely with Thanksgiving – a time to reflect on family, our health and spending healthy time together. Although the bulk of the campaign is located in Southern California, web banners, posters and flyers will also be available for you to use on your websites and print for use in your clinics. These materials are a good reminder to older adults to make sure they are vaccinated before the holidays! A great way to support flu vaccination throughout the season is to add a web banner to your site and/ or Facebook page. Web banners and other campaign information are available.

If you are living or traveling in the Los Angeles or San Diego areas in November, please let the California Immunization Coalition know if you see one of our billboards and posters. We’ll enter you in our Thank You for Spotting the Billboard Contest. You can find us on Twitter @immunizeca, on Facebook, and, of course, on our website for updates and resources.

PKIDS Launches Value of Vaccination Initiative

On September 3, 2014, PKIDS formally launched the Value of Vaccination movement. Suggested social media content and a press release are available.

Any help that Summit partners can provide for this initiative will be gratefully accepted by PKIDS. If you would like your organization’s logo to go on the website, just send us a message. Thanks so much! And PKIDS is always looking for stories that illustrate the value of vaccination, if Summit partners would like to write up something for the Value of Vaccination blog.

National Quality Forum’s Final Report on Adult Immunization Measurement Available

The Priority Setting for Healthcare Performance Measurement: Addressing Performance Measure Gaps for Adult Immunization Report identifies critical areas for performance measurement to optimize vaccination rates and outcomes across adult populations. The report contains a conceptual measurement framework which prioritizes measurement needs by illustrating measure gaps in specific age groups and subpopulations including young adults, pregnant women, adults, the elderly, people with chronic disease, and healthcare workers. The report identifies ten measure gap priorities which include age-specific priorities as well as composite measure priorities, recommends two short-term and long-term priorities, and also provides recommendations for measurement that address issues of measurement accuracy and efficiency, and measuring that which is most meaningful. Additional information and the environmental scan are available.

American Academy of Pediatrics Webpage for Parents on Enterovirus D68

The American Academy of Pediatrics has created a webpage for parents on enterovirus D68.

Join Families Fighting Flu’s Back-to-School Campaign Against Influenza

Please consider Families Fighting Flu’s announcement below:

Children are back in school, and flu season is on the way!  Without vaccination, all children are vulnerable to this dangerous disease and sadly, some may die.

Please help save a child’s life by joining our back-to-school campaign.
Donate Now to our national public education initiative to spread the word about the importance of getting vaccinated, so that all children can Stay in the Game™ this season.

Many donors have been generous, but we still need to raise $35,000 to help get the word out. Getting vaccinated against the flu is the single best way to protect you, your family and friends during flu season. This is why your participation in our 2014 Back-to-School campaign is so critical.

Thank you for helping a child today!

Every Child By Two (ECBT) Compiles Media Information on Its Website

On a daily basis, ECBT assembles significant news media coverage on immunizations in their “Daily Clips.” Summit partners may find this effort useful.

Summit Website Offers Wonderful Resources on Influenza Vaccination!

Remember to visit the Summit website for the latest on influenza immunization resources. You can also find archived copies of The Summit Buzz there.


Summit calls are scheduled every Thursday at 3 pm ET, unless cancelled. Please email L.J or LaDora if you have any updates on activities to provide to the Summit.


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