Influenza Workgroup

The Influenza Workgroup is working to develop and widely disseminate training materials to ensure best practices are incorporated into influenza vaccination clinics. The workgroup recognizes that (a) best practices for vaccine storage, transport, and administration are crucial to achieving effective adult immunity for vaccine-preventable diseases and (b) the risk of errors likely increases in high volume settings with less experienced vaccinators, such as might occur when administering vaccines (such as influenza) in non-traditional settings within a short timeframe.

The Workgroup will collaborate with public health experts, medical center occupational health directors, industry, and vaccine contractors to increase awareness of existing resources and best practices, as well as to create a user-friendly template to optimize competencies for seasonal vaccinators and employers.


The routine meeting schedule for this workgroup has not been finalized. Contact a member of the workgroup leadership committee (shown in column to the right) for information about upcoming meetings.

Projects and Resources


Tools to assist satellite, temporary, and off-site vaccination clinics

Satellite, temporary, and off-site vaccination clinics play an important role in improving vaccination coverage rates and vaccinating hard-to-reach populations. These helpful tools were developed to help these clinics meet the unique challenges presented when providing services in these settings.


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