August 7, 2014





Multiple Resources Available for National Immunization Awareness

As we all begin to wind down summer, let us recall that this month is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) and the week of August 4–10 is highlights A Healthy Start, focusing both on pregnant women and infants.

CDC notes that, no matter how far you are in your planning for NIAM, it’s not too late to get involved.  Below are a few ideas of things you can do to celebrate NIAM’s “A Healthy Start” week:

  • Post social media messages on your organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages using the hashtag “#NIAM14.”  Use the sample messages from the NIAM Communication Toolkit  as they are, or tailor them as you see fit for your audience(s).
  • Download these audio and video PSAs (available in English and Spanish) to promote infant immunizations.  Ask your local radio and televisions stations to play them at times of day to reach mothers of young children.
  • Order free pertussis posters from CDC, and hang them in healthcare and community settings. On the main page, click the drop down menu under “Programs.” From there, select “Immunizations and Vaccines (Pertussis-Whooping Cough)” and click on “Search.”
  • Link to the pertussis pregnancy website and share the pertussis infographic to promote Tdap vaccination during the 3rd trimester of each pregnancy.
  • Link to CDC’s vaccine website for parents to help moms and dads find credible, accurate information about vaccines, vaccine safety, and vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • Play the “Immunization Baby Book” 4-minute video in doctors’ offices and clinic waiting rooms.
  • Run a drop-in article about infant immunization on your website or in your publications that reach parents.
  • Last, but not least, share your plans for NIAM by completing this online form, and see what other organizations have planned for NIAM.

Please visit the NPHIC website for more information.

Additionally, a Summit partner and member of the Summit Patient Working Group, APCO Worldwide, has created some content that all can use to promote NIAM. They have developed two brief, easy-to-digest communication guides to help spread the word about NIAM during the week focused on adult immunizations (the third week). One will be helpful to individuals and organizations who communicate with the public, while the other is focused on health care providers.

Please let APCO know if you have any questions or concerns – and please let them know if you end up using these! They want to ensure they are developing resources that are helpful and effective. Here is draft language for an introductory email:

Draft Email

Dear XXXX,

National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is here! You will see a lot more communication over the coming weeks about vaccines for everyone – from infants to adolescents to adults. Unfortunately, some people still associate vaccines exclusively with children. You can help us change this misperception by promoting the importance of adult vaccines during the final week of NIAM, Sunday, August 24 through Saturday, August 30.

Attached, we have a quick and easy guide for sharing important adult vaccine messages with everyone you know, whether they are patients or providers. We have stories for emails or newsletters as well as Facebook and Twitter messages. Please share these far and wide to encourage everyone to spread the word!



Vaccine Education Center Offers New Smartphone App, Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know

The Vaccine Education Center (VEC) at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offers a smartphone app, Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know to provide all parents with reliable information about the science, safety, and importance of vaccines and the diseases they prevent. Those first days, weeks, months, and years as a parent can be especially dizzying, but Vaccines on the Go provides trusted information in a unique format with novel graphics, storage for questions to ask the doctor at your next appointment, and links to a variety of VEC-produced videos and print materials on the vaccines your little one is recommended to receive. While there are still so many unknowns in parenting a newborn or toddler, Vaccines on the Go users can find the information they need about vaccination; or get their questions answered by emailing the VEC directly from the app. You can download the free app, available for Apple and Android devices.

NAIIS Posts First Module in Interactive Series on Adult Immunization Standards

NAIIS is delighted that the first of a four module interactive series on the Adult Standards, initiated by the Provider Workgroup and in progress via a collaboration with Medscape and other partners in the Summit, is now live. This first module on ASSESSMENT consists of two components, Test Yourself: What Adult Needs What Vaccine? and Have These Patients Been Immunized Appropriately?

Thanks to all the partners involved in developing and finalizing this module, and please share these links with any other interested partners.

bioCSL Releases Letter on Error in Telephone Number Contained in Prescribing Information in Some Packages of AFLURIA

On July 31, 2014, bioCSL released a letter with information regarding an error in the Prescribing Information that was inserted into some packages of the 2014-2015 formulation of AFLURIA. If you have any questions regarding the content, contact Troy Fix of bioCSL.

Summit Meeting Summary Released

A two-page brief summary of the May Summit face-to-face meeting has been released. NAIIS leaders also are finalizing a more detailed meeting summary and a summary of the results from the NAIIS survey performed immediately after the Summit meeting, both of which will be available shortly. Thanks again to all Summit partners who participated!

Association of Immunization Managers (AIM) Hosts Webinar on Social Media Strategies

AIM hosted a webinar focusing on use of social media strategies to increase vaccination rates. The webinar, part of AIM’s Promising Practice webinar series, was held on August 7 at 2:00-3:30 ET. These educational webinars are part of AIM’s new Leadership Institute, whose mission is to promote effective immunization program management through collaboration, education and creativity to assure program compliance and increase and sustain high immunization coverage throughout the lifespan. The webinar agenda is included below.

Maureen S. Marshall, MS, Health Communications Specialist CDC/NCIRD, provided an overview of texting and tweeting strategies to target various populations and vaccines.

Melissa S. Stockwell, MPH, MD, Columbia University Medical, Mailman School of Public Health, presented research regarding:

  • Effect of a text messaging intervention on influenza vaccination in an urban, low-income pediatric and adolescent population
  • Impact of Text Message Reminder-Recalls for Pediatric and Adolescent Immunizations
  • Exploring pregnant women’s views on influenza vaccination and educational text messages

Shari Levine, VT Health Educator, and Chistine Finley, VT Immunization Program Manager presented on the social media campaign that includes Facebook and Twitter.

Reminder: Please email L.J or LaDora if you have any updates on activities to provide to the Summit.


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