Patient Education Workgroup Archive – Nov 14

November 14, 2013


  • Welcome & Background – Erica DeWald
  • Calendar Update/ Research Needs – Erica DeWald
  • Partners for Guide Distribution – Laurel Wood
  • What’s Next? – Laurel Wood
  • WG Participant Updates/Announcements


Erica provided a brief overview of the workplan calendar which was provided with today’s meeting announcement. The calendar was adjusted to compensate for the delay caused by the October federal government shutdown. We will get back on track by moving some items into December.

Research Examples
Erica noted that the WG is still looking for adult immunization research reviews and invited participants to submit any available information. She provided 4 examples of the kind of materials we’re seeking:

Erica pointed out that we have only abstracts for several of these articles and asked call participants to let her know if they had access to the full articles. Aparna Ramakrishnan with CDC’s Adult Communications Program stated that their group probably had access to any articles of interest and they would be glad to share these with our WG.

CDC Update
Aparna provided the great news that CDC is very close to being able to share information from the adult immunization literature review and focus group surveys conducted earlier this year. Erica mentioned that our WG had begun its own efforts to look for research because we were not sure how quickly the CDC information would be available, and we were learning that research publications in this area are rather sparse. It is great news that this information should be released soon.
Aparna said they are planning to make a presentation about this to the Provider WG on December 5 at 1:00 pm ET. Erica will follow up with Aparna to determine whether the Patient WG should be invited to this same session or a separate presentation should be planned for our WG members during our regularly scheduled meeting time.

Partners for Primer Dissemination
Laurel requested suggestions for groups to be added to the list of organizations with whom we should partner for dissemination of the primer when it is finalized. Several suggestions were offered during the call, and some persons said they would prefer to send names of additional groups via email. (Send these to Laurel will consolidate this information for presentation during our next WG call.

WG members discussed the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform hearing scheduled for December 4 to review the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. It is anticipated that the discussion might spill over into yet another review of the scientifically refuted theory that vaccines cause autism. Interested persons should reach out to their representatives to offer input on this subject. Additional information is available from Every Child By Two at

Columba Fernandez with the Washington Immunization Program reminded the WG of her offer to help translate appropriate adult immunization materials into Spanish. Thank you, Columba! The WG will follow up on this offer as appropriate materials are selected.
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December 5, 2013, 1 pm ET – PLEASE HOLD this time for potential presentation of CDC’s adult immunization focus group results (additional information to follow)

December 12, 2013, 1 pm ET – next regularly scheduled WG meeting