Patient Education Workgroup

Note: This workgroup was restructured in August 2016 and will no longer be holding formal meetings. However, the NAIIS will continue to provide updated patient education materials (e.g., the Editorial Calendar) on its main website. This Patient Education Workgroup page is being retained to provide easy access to resources previously developed by this workgroup.


The Patient Education Workgroup’s “Quick Guide to Adult Vaccine Messaging” provides some effective, research-tested messages for reaching adults with important vaccine messages. It also contains tips on customizing your approach and language depending on your audience.

Quick Guide to Adult Vaccine Messaging
Tips for sharing important vaccine messages with adults.

The Patient Education Workgroup developed two attractive handouts to promote and solicit stories about vaccine-preventable diseases in adults; one is intended for patients and the other is for providers.


Stories Worth Telling
Flyer for health professionals


What’s Your Story?
Share this flyer with your patients

Adult Vaccine Resources Library
The workgroup served as a major partner in the development of a searchable list of adult immunization resources (housed on the Immunization Action Coalition website) which was launched at the Summit meeting in May 2013. The workgroup will continue as a partner to maintain helpful resources on this searchable database. However, inclusion of a resource in the Adult Vaccine Resources Library does not imply endorsement by the NAIIS.


Reference materials for workgroup members
2013 NAIIS Survey Results – Patient
NAIIS Patient Education Workplan 2013-2014
NAIIS Patient Education Activities Report – 12/26/2013

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