Patient Education Workgroup Archive Jul 11

July 11, 2013


  • Workgroup Background – Laurel Wood
    • Brief review of last year’s activities
    • Results of Summit survey on priorities for upcoming year
  • Mission & Goals – Erin Kennedy, Amy Callis
    • Workgroup Background – Laurel Wood
    • Mission & Goals – Erin Kennedy, Amy Callis
    • 2012 charge to WGs
    • Discuss WG mission development
    • Potential options:
      • Messaging primer
      • Sample key messages
      • Associated products
  • Discussion – Erica DeWald
    • Best methods for moving forward
    • Need for Subgroups?
  • Closing – Laurel Wood


Erica provided a brief overview of the workplan calendar which was provided with today’s meeting announcement. The calendar was adjusted to compensate for the delay caused by the October federal government shutdown. We will get back on track by moving some items into December.

Work Group Background

  • Laurel Wood reviewed the work group activities over the past year, including the subgroups on messaging, calendar development, and story collection.
  • Laurel also walked the group through the feedback from May’s Summit, which stressed the importance of identifying key messages on adult vaccination.

Mission & Goals

  • Amy Callis suggested we first take a step back and look at the Summit’s request (i.e., to identify key messages) in the context of a clear work group mission. Our first steps as a Workgroup will be to develop this mission with accompanying objectives.
  • Amy proposed the development of a messaging primer, a document which outlines what types of messages resonate with adults and identifies opportunities that can be leveraged to get the messages out. Part of this process will include identifying existing tools to help members message around adult vaccines and address the gaps that exist.
  • Erin Kennedy noted that we have an opportunity to consider addressing other audiences beyond patients. Providers may be an appropriate audience for this group given the Provider Education Workgroup’s current focus on issues such as the ACA.


  • Messaging Primer
    • The group agreed that it makes sense to focus our efforts on messaging and to have some smaller groups or individual members work on specific tasks, as needed.
    • Several members agreed key components of the primer include an implementation plan and tips for working with specific types of community groups, such as churches.
    • Ray Michael Bridgewater has extensive experience working with diverse cultural groups and executing grassroots efforts, which he can share with the group.
    • Sarah Patterson recommended working with behavior change specialists to inform our thinking.
    • Amy Callis agreed with Sarah, pointing out the research CDC is conducting on adult vaccine messaging which should be available later in the fall.
  • Audiences
    • All agreed providers should be an audience, keeping in mind providers include pharmacists, as well as other health care personnel.
    • Another important audience, as pointed out by Alison from Immunize Oregon, is big employers.
    • The main audience, however, will remain patients.
    • Several members expressed the need to reach patients where they are, which goes beyond doctor’s offices to social media, magazines, and sporting and entertainment events. However, other WG members noted that this probably is beyond the scope of our WG.
    • Funding for a larger consumer campaign will continue to be a challenge.

Closing Comments

  • Amy Callis briefed the group on CDC’s plans for National Immunization Awareness Month (August).
  • Laurel Wood will share a calendar of events for NIAM with the group, along with an email recapping the call.
  • Laurel will also confirm whether the second Thursday of each month at 1 PM will work best for the group calls.
  • Laurel also walked the group through the feedback from May’s Summit, which stressed the importance of identifying key messages on adult vaccination.