Access and Provider Workgroup

The Access and Provider Workgroup seeks to improve access to and administration of
ACIP-recommended vaccines by identifying policy and practice barriers and promoting solutions to increase adult immunization rates, through the promotion of research, sharing of best practices, and development of tools to improve implementation of the national standards.

Note: This workgroup was formed in August 2016 by combining the former Access and Collaboration Workgroup and the Provider Outreach Workgroup. Archived information about each workgroup’s activities is available by clicking on the workgroup name.


The Access and Provider Workgroup meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2 p.m. (ET).


Reasons to Invest in Adult Vaccination Implementation  

Improve your organization’s adult vaccine program with evidence-based information to effectively implement adult vaccine recommendations. This document highlights the importance of adult immunization for population health and discusses both the financial feasibility of adult vaccination implementation and implementation strategies. Topics covered include an overview of the benefits of vaccines in adults, and why it is important for providers to invest in improving adult vaccination. In addition, practical information is included on private and public insurance coverage of adult vaccines  and approaches for reducing costs of providing vaccines for adult patients.

Adult Current Procedural Terminology Coding Case Scenarios 

New 2021 changes to the Evaluation and Management (E/M) coding will facilitate coding and billing for vaccination counseling for adults, even when vaccine is not given. Changes to the E/M office visit CPT codes and code descriptions have been established to address the continuing problem of administrative burden for physicians in nearly every specialty. New codes effective January 1, 2021, are designed to be more intuitive and reduce administrative burden by removing complex counting systems for history, exam, and data. This document provides guidance on appropriate coding and billing for a range of immunization-related scenarios for providers who care for adults.

Coding and Billing for Adult Vaccinations 

At this one web location, you will find the top questions identified by the Access and Provider Workgroup on coding and/or billing for adult vaccinations, scenarios that detail how to go about coding and billing for adult vaccines, and collected resources on this topic from the Summit’s medical association, public health, and vaccine manufacturing partners.

Using Immunization Information Systems (Immunization Registries): The Benefits for Providers and their Adult Patients

Although once considered to be a tool for childhood immunizations, the vast majority of today’s immunization information systems (IIS) capture and merge immunizations for individuals of all ages. This series of ready-to-print brochures highlights the multiple benefits of using an IIS for both providers and their adult patients.

Factsheet: How can providers utilize immunization activities to obtain points for the MIPS/MACRA Quality Payment Program?

HealthMap Adult/Influenza Vaccine Locator
Launched in 2012 as the Flu Vaccine Locator, the HealthMap Vaccine Finder was expanded to include adult vaccines in 2013. The workgroup is represented on the steering committee that advises developers on the functionality and utility of the HealthMap Vaccine Finder and continues to work with HealthMap to increase outreach to all immunizers.

Standards for Adult Immunization Practice
The workgroup developed the updated draft of the standards for immunizing and non-immunizing providers. These were adopted by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and published online on September 10, 2013.

What Works – Real Life Examples of Ways to Increase Adult Vaccination Rates
Ongoing collection of success stories from organizations about what works for increasing adult immunization rates.

Factsheet: Adult Immunization Disparities
This factsheet highlights disparities in adult immunization rates and offers suggestions about what can be done to address these disparities.

Strategies to Address Policy Barriers to Adult Immunizations in Federally Qualified Health Centers – This white paper outlines policy barriers and strategies that specifically impact Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in their efforts to increase adult immunization rates among their medically underserved patients. While FQHCs encounter many barriers that also impact other providers (e.g., issues with storage, inventory management, and immunization information systems) this paper focuses specifically on challenges and opportunities that are based in policy, and that are unique (or largely unique) to FQHCs. The white paper addresses six areas of FQHC policy and provides background information and potential strategies to increase adult immunization rates for each.

Becker’s Hospital Review Article“Making Prevention the Priority – How to Boost Adult Immunization Rates,” is a Summit-sponsored executive briefing on adult immunizations published in one of the most widely read publication of persons working in hospital management. As noted in the article, “Adult immunization initiatives have the potential to make a substantial impact on care outcomes while remaining cost-effective for hospitals.” Be sure to share this important article on the value of adult vaccinations as the transformation of healthcare delivery in hospitals and integrated delivery networks progresses.


Adult Immunization Patient Intake Form

  • Distribute this form at appointment check-in
  • Customize it for your practice

Adult Vaccination
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