Resources for Tracking, Evaluating, and Promoting Influenza Vaccination Campaigns

The documents found here are externally created resources developed by Ofstead & Associates and the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) that support implementation of vaccination requirement policies for healthcare personnel in post-acute and long-term care facilities. Please note that these are templates that should be modified by your facility to meet your specific needs.

Goal Setting and Policy Decision Making Worksheet

This worksheet will help you set goals and make decisions about how you plan to implement your influenza vaccination requirement policy. Specifically, this worksheet will help you think through who you plan to target (persons with direct patient contact only, or all staff in the facility), target dates for vaccination coverage, whether you plan to allow people to decline vaccination for non-medical reasons, how and when you plan to offer educational sessions for staff, how you plan to document vaccination of staff, and who is taking responsibility for each task.


Instructions for Tracking Vaccination Rates

This set of instructions describes in detail how to fill out the Excel spreadsheet titled “Influenza Vaccine Administration Roster” (see below). It goes step-by-step through the each of the cells. The instructions also describe how to update the spreadsheet and save it, which is particularly important if multiple people are accessing the same file on a shared drive. This will ensure that everyone is accessing the most recent version, and that someone’s data are not inadvertently being deleted when someone else accesses and updates the file.


Influenza Vaccine Administration Roster

This Excel spreadsheet helps ensure that facilities are tracking the vaccination status of their employees. The roster will help you keep the information organized so that you can quickly determine who has been vaccinated and who still needs to be vaccinated.


Poster of Vaccination Gauge/Meeting Vaccination Coverage Goals

This poster is a helpful visual aid/motivator so that staff can see where their unit/floor/wing stands in terms of influenza vaccination coverage. This is particularly useful if units are competing against each other. It can also be used to show facility-wide influenza vaccination coverage.


Spreadsheet for Calculating Vaccination Rate for Vaccination Gauge Poster

In order to ensure that staff are marking the vaccination gauge (on the above poster) correctly, this spreadsheet does the calculations for you.

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