My payer is requiring that the NDC for the vaccine be included on the claim. Where does the code go on the claim form?

Inclusion of the NDC is not required by all payers. If a payer is requiring the inclusion of the NDC for a vaccine on a claim form, the first step is to make sure that the NDC is in an 11 digit format. Depending on the manufacturer, the NDC that appears on the carton or label may be in a format that is less than 11 digits. The chart below details how to convert NDCs that are less than 11 digits to the proper format.

If the NDC appears as… Then the NDC… And it is reported as…
NDC 12345-1234-12

(5-4-2 format)

Is complete 12345123412
NDC 1234-1234-1

(4-4-1 format)

Needs a leading zero placed at the beginning of the first segment and the last segment 01234123401
NDC 12345-123-12

(5-3-2 format)

Needs a leading zero placed at the beginning of the second segment 12345012312
NDC 12345-1234-1

(5-4-1 format)

Needs a leading zero placed at the beginning of the third segment 12345123401

If reporting the NDC on a CMS-1500 claim form it should be located in the shades area of Box 24A. The following table provides the elements of a proper NDC on a CMS-1500 claim form.

All Elements are REQUIRED:

How Example Where
Enter a valid NDC code including the N4 qualifier NDC 00054352763 is entered as N400054352763 Beginning at left edge, enter NDC in the shaded area of box 24A
Enter one of the five (5) units of measure qualifiers;

  • F2—International Unit
  • GR—Gram
  • ML—Milliliter
  • UN—Units
  • ME—Milligrams

and quantity, including a decimal point for correct reporting

In the shared area immediately following the 11-digit NDC, enter 3 spaces, followed by one of five (5) units of measure qualifiers, followed immediately by the quantity
Enter a valid HCPCS or CPT Code Non-shaded area of box 24D

If reporting the NDC electronically, you will need to notify your billing or software vendor that the NDC is to be reported in the following fields in the 837 format.

Tips for Using NDCs When Submitting Electronic Claims

Loop Segment Element name Information Sample
2410 LIN02 Product or Service ID Qualifier Enter product of NDC qualifier N4 LIN**N4*01234567891~
2410 LIN03 Product or Service ID Enter the NDC LIN**n4*01234567891~
2410 CTP04 Quantity Enter quantity billed CTP****2*UN~
2410 CTP05-1 Unit of Basis for Measurement Code Enter the NDC unit of measurement code:

F2: International Unit
GR: Gram
ML: Milliliter
UN: Unit
ME: Milligram


The FDA has required that vaccine manufacturers have different NDCs for the unit of sale (carton) and the unit of use (vial or syringe). Each payer may have a preference as to which NDC is submitted on claim forms and you may need to contact the specific payer to determine the NDC that is in their billing system.